16 RV Kitchen Storage to Stay Organized on the Road

5 shares If you’re on the hunt for clever storage solutions to maximize space in your RV kitchen, you’re in the right spot! Maintaining order…

If you’re on the hunt for clever storage solutions to maximize space in your RV kitchen, you’re in the right spot!

Maintaining order and making the most of the available space can be challenging in an RV, where cabinet and storage areas are often limited, especially in smaller models. Here are some of our best ideas on how to stay organized on the road.

1. Nesting Pots And Pans

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We’ll start with nesting pots and pans. This storage solution is an easy way to keep your pots and pans organized without taking up too much space. 

They take up very little cupboard space and come in large sets, providing you with every pot and pan you need for cooking. Most nesting pot and pan sets are made from stainless steel and can be stored in ½ cubic feet. 

2. Collapsible Colanders

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When living in a small space, anything collapsible is convenient, so consider investing in a set of collapsible colanders. This storage solution takes up much less space than your conventional stainless steel colander, giving you more room in your cupboards.

Most collapsible colanders can compress down to as little as two inches high, and sets come with multiple colanders, so whether you’re cooking pasta or draining beans, you’ll have the colander you need.

3. Collapsible Dish Tub

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A collapsible dish tub is another fantastic purchase to maximize the space in your camper kitchen. After using it to clean fruit and vegetables or wash dishes, you can dry it off, collapse it down, and store it in a cupboard.

Some collapsible dish tubs even have a hanging hole to keep it at arm’s reach in your kitchen. Compared to standard dish tubs, collapsible alternatives save up to 70% in storage space because they can collapse to just 1 or 2 inches.

4. Pinch N’ Grip Oven Mitts

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Oven mitts might not seem like a big deal, but space quickly fills up in small campers, so reducing clutter will help keep your kitchen neater and more organized.

Pinch N’ Grip Oven Mitts take up very little space compared to large oven mitts. Instead of hanging a pair of oven mitts in your kitchen, you can effortlessly store them in a drawer.

This item is perfect for lifting a baking dish out of the oven and handling hot cast iron pots.

5. Over The Cabinet Basket Organizer

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RVs are pretty small, so it’s essential to maintain an open and expansive feeling. Our favorite way to do that is using storage ideas that take up less floor space.

One of the best is an over-the-cabinet basket organizer. This storage solution is perfect for organizing almost anything. However, we like to use ours to store our cleaning supplies. 

You could also use this storage idea to organize garbage bags, plastic bags, or spices. This is a fantastic hack to reduce the clutter in your RV.

6. Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder

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Okay, this storage item might seem similar to the basket organizer we’ve just discussed, but it is slightly different.

An over-the-cabinet door organizer holder is better suited for holding cutting boards, baking sheets, and cupcake sheets. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing.

We also love how most holders can be mounted on a wall instead of in a cabinet. This can be useful if you need to access things quickly.

7. Removable Countertop

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Anyone who’s lived in a camper van or RV knows all too well how important countertop space is. If you don’t keep yours organized or don’t have enough of it, the simplest of tasks can become overwhelming.

Luckily, there’s a solution – a removable countertop! With this handy storage hack, you can expand your camper’s kitchen space. 

Removable countertops fit over your kitchen sink, creating extra space for cutting ingredients and serving food when making a meal. 

Afterward, clean the countertop and store it in a cupboard.

8. Spice Gripper

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We don’t know about you, but we find organizing spices super satisfying. If you do, too, you’ll quickly fall in love with spice grippers. 

These handy little gadgets hang to the back of your cupboard doors and help neatly organize your spices without taking up much space. Using a spice gripper can free up more shelf space in your kitchen and reduce the chance of any spills while your RV travels around. 

9. Fridge Organizers

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Next up, we have fridge organizers, which you might already have. If you don’t, you’re seriously missing out. 

Instead of digging all the way to the back of the fridge searching for ingredients, use a fridge organizer set to keep things nice and neat. The plastic containers keep everything in your fridge organized and also help you lift everything out at once.

For example, suppose you want to cut various vegetables for dinner. In that case, you can easily lift the veggie container from the fridge instead of juggling loose vegetables.

10. Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

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You might be starting to see a trend here because, yet again, we have another collapsible storage idea. We can’t resist collapsible items, especially when they’re so helpful.

Like the other collapsible items we’ve looked at, a collapsible dish drying rack can be popped open, used, cleaned, compressed, and stored in a cupboard or kitchen drawer.

We recommend purchasing a BPA-free drying rack with multiple compartments for smaller utensils and a larger compartment for bowls and dishes.

11. Pop-A-Towel Holders

An under-cabinet mounted paper towel holder.

If you’re like me, you use paper towels all the time, and they end up all over your RV. Luckily, there’s a solution for both of us: a Pop-a-towel holder.

Pop-a-towel holders can be mounted on a wall, in a cabinet, or under a cabinet. They don’t take up any countertop space and can be moved if necessary. 

This simple yet effective storage idea helps keep your kitchen nicely organized and less cluttered.

12. Magnetic Knife Block

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Purchase a magnetic knife block to create even more room in your RV kitchen. A magnetic knife block eliminates the need for a bulky butcher’s block that takes up lots of countertop space. 

If you keep your knives in a drawer, it also helps keep things more organized and allows you to keep your knives at arm’s reach.

Made from stainless steel, this storage idea is mounted to a wall. Your knives are then attached to the block using magnetic strips. Some magnetic knife blocks also come with hooks to hang other utensils.

In our opinion, this idea isn’t just convenient–it’s stylish, too!

13. RV Fridge Brace Holds

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RV fridge brace holds are another handy kitchen storage item that reduces noise as we drive. They are attached to the wire shelves in your refrigerator and are designed to keep drink cartons from moving and falling over.

Aside from reducing noise in your RV, brace holds also help keep your refrigerator neat and organized by reducing the chance of spills. 

Most fridge brace holds come in a pack of 2, so you’ll want to buy a couple of packs if you want to hold multiple drink cartons and other food items in place.

14. Kitchen Shelf Organizer

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Expandable kitchen shelf organizers are an excellent storage idea for your RV kitchen. Perfect for organizing cups, plates, bottles, and cans, the shelves can be aligned or stacked, depending on the size of your kitchen.

We like to keep the two shelves side by side. Then, we store our things on top and underneath each shelf to maximize our space. 

The only downside is the shelves don’t have a non-slip surface, so things could rattle or fall off.

15. Stackable Measuring Cups

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Before we invested in some stackable measuring cups and spoons, our RV kitchen drawers were crammed with measuring cups. Luckily, finding this storage solution solved our drawer space problem without making measuring out ingredients more difficult.

Stackable measuring cups and spoons are designed to slot inside one another, so you can use them to keep your kitchen drawer super clean and organized. 

The best measuring cups feature easy-to-read measurements and long handles that offer a secure grip.

16. Food Storage Containers

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This final storage idea is straightforward, but it makes all the difference. If your RV kitchen cupboards are filled with packets and boxes of food, you seriously need to invest in some storage containers.

Owning several food storage boxes will help keep your kitchen neat and organized. 

There’s nothing worse than struggling to find something you need behind endless boxes. Simply removing that mountain of cardboard boxes will make it much easier to find things quickly.

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