11 Best Small RVs That Are Perfect for Couples’ Adventures

The best small RVs are perfect for fitting into any campsite, parking garage or parking spot. They’re easy to drive and maneuver. Here are our top picks for Class B and Class C small RVs!

Embracing life in a small RV comes with a heap of perks! You’ll find them a breeze to park and navigate, not to mention the lighter hit on your fuel budget.

The market is bustling with options for compact RVs, ranging from sleek Class B campervans to the slightly roomier Class B Plus and Class C models.

The best part? These pint-sized campers pack in all the essentials you’d expect in their larger counterparts – from climate control to wet baths, cooking facilities, and beyond. It’s all about big adventures in small packages!

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1. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko small RV
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries.

The Winnebago Ekko is a brand new off-grid Class B motorhome for Winnebago built on the AWD Ford Transit chassis. This small RV combines the luxury of a Class C RV with the feel of a campervan. You can take this rig down dirt roads to find the most pristine boondocking sites.

This unique small RV is well-equipped for days off-grid, with standard features including a 50-gallon water tank, a powered patio awning with LED lights and Bluetooth, a cassette toilet, and a wet bath. You’ll get 445 watts of solar power from three panels on the roof and a second alternator for powering lithium batteries while driving.

2. Jayco Swift

Jayco Swift Small RV for Full Time Living
Photo Credit: Jayco.

Jayco launched a series of small RVs, including the Jayco Swift, Swift Li, and Terrain. This tiny RV is built on the Dodge Promaster 3500 chassis and offers a comfortable living space for two people.

Although it doesn’t have tons of clearance, you can take the Swift off-grid with the addition of the JRide® ride and handling package, which makes off-roading way more comfortable.

With the Jayco Swift, you’ll get an electrical system supporting a 13,500 BTU AC unit with 190 watts of Go Power solar panels.

It has a full kitchen, a wet bath, and a convertible bed that can be two twin-size beds or one king. You’ll find plenty of storage space with an under-bed storage area and a wardrobe in the bathroom.

3. Unity by Leisure Travel Vans

Unity Small RV parked in the forest
Photo Credit: Leisure Vans.

Price: Starting at $186,370 USD
Length: 25′ 1”

The Unity small RV proves that small Class B RVs can still offer big-time luxury features. Crafted with a European aesthetic and an aerodynamic exterior with sleek, frameless glass windows, this small motorhome makes quite the impression.

Boasting five different floor plans, this best small RV can be fitted for almost any type of traveler.

Their layouts include twin beds, a corner bed, a Murphy bed, a total FX setup with dual entertainment areas, and a unique island bed layout featuring a rather grand bedroom with a walk-around room and armoires on either side of the central queen.

4. Porto by Winnebago

Porto by Winnebago Small RV
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

The Winnebago Porto is perhaps the most classic Class C RV on our list, and as a Winnebago, you are guaranteed a great build and an expertly designed interior with this best small RV for a camping trip.

Like all small Class C RVs, the Porto includes a convenient overhead sleeping cab to maximize usable areas without crowding the precious interior living space.

This best small RV also offers some pretty stellar off-the-grid capabilities if you want to go out boondocking. With the largest holding tanks in its class, a massive exterior storage compartment, a 200-watt solar panel system, a 1000-watt inverter, and dual group 31 batteries, the Porto can go just about wherever you want to take it, plug-in or not.

5. Revel by Winnebago

The Winnebago Revel is one of the best small RVs for offorading
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

The Class B Winnebago Revel is an adventure junkie’s dream come true. The Revel packs some serious off-road 4×4 power, complete with high/low range modes and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base.

The Revel is one of the smallest RVs on our list in terms of length, but its efficient interior makes excellent use of that space, including a power lift bed that effortlessly transforms into a 140-cubic foot gear garage. Since this rig is great for off-roading, it’s your best choice for exploring the great outdoors. 

6. Winnebago Solis Pocket

Winnebago Solis small rv
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries.

The Solis Pocket from Winnebago is a highly versatile and affordable small class B RV that enables you to embark on various outdoor adventures. It boasts a flexible interior, ample storage space, and the ability to camp in any season, making it perfect for backcountry expeditions. The Pocket’s compact design allows easy maneuverability in busy urban areas.

The Solis Pocket’s lounge has a unique dinette with a 3-point seat belt. It can transform into a sofa, daybed, or loveseat, with an adjustable and removable table. The cab seats can swivel, and there are ample storage options available. This setup is perfect for individuals who work remotely.

7. Solis NPF by Winnebago

Solis NPF campervan by Winnebago near a river
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

If you want something truly special, check out the limited edition Solis NPF. This limited edition camper van has all the features already from the Solis, with a “level up” that will impress every outdoor enthusiast.

There’s a new drawer system that’s durable and incredibly convenient. You can easily access your gear whenever needed; the surfaces are water-resistant. There are removable dividers to help keep everything organized. If you’re on the passenger side, you can raise the drawer cover and use it as a workspace or meal prep area. Plus, you’ll have access to the water panel if you’re using the collapsible sink.

8. Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland class B small RV with a woman hanging out the front door
Photo Credit: Storyteller Overland.

Storyteller Overland has established itself as a leading player in the campervan industry, committed to quality, innovation, and functionality.

The MODE lineup from Storyteller Overland consists of four remarkable options: Beast MODE, Classic MODE, Stealth MODE, and MODE LT.

Each van is meticulously built out, featuring premium materials, clever storage solutions, and cutting-edge technology.

From cozy sleeping quarters to fully functional kitchens and comfortable seating areas, Storyteller Overland campervans provide a home on wheels, enabling travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature or explore urban landscapes with ease.

9. Interstate Grand Tour by Airstream

Airstream Interstate Small RV
Photo Credit: Airstream

Airstream’s Interstate line has been the #1 best-selling Class B diesel small RV for the past six years, and for good reason.

Airstream’s 80+ years of experience allow them to tailor virtually every design decision based on their expert knowledge of travelers’ needs. That means usable spaces, convenience, and ultimate efficiency.

The Interstate RV is designed for 2-person long-term travel, and both floor plan options deliver just that. One option features twin beds that can slide together into a full-sized bed, whereas the other offers a maximized seating area in the form of a convertible couch that easily transitions into a full-sized bed as well.

10. Navion by Winnebago

The Winnebago Navion small RV parked by fall foliage
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

The Navion is shaping up to be one of the most luxurious and modern models in the small RV Winnebago lineup. It combines the off-grid amenities of the Porto (200-watt solar panel system, dual group 31 batteries, etc.) with an ultra-lavish interior design to give you truly the best of both worlds.

There are three sleeping area layout options, including twin beds, one queen bed, and one murphy bed couch-into-queen setup, giving buyers great options in maximizing their space to their unique needs.

11. The Winnebago Roam

PWD woman on a wheelchair going down from a campervan
Photo Credit: Winnebago Industries

The Winnebago Roam is designed with accessibility-enhanced features and all the comforts of home. It provides the perfect combination of freedom to move independently and the comfort and privacy of home, all in a compact and easy-to-drive package. Whether for short trips around town or longer journeys, this vehicle is an ideal choice.

The Roam has various safety features to aid wheelchair users, such as an under-vehicle lift, secure tie-downs, lowered countertops and controls for easy access, grab handles in the bathroom, and other helpful amenities.

A full wet bath includes a cassette toilet and an integrated shower. You won’t have to worry about finding a restroom or places to shower while enjoying your travels.

The galley has been designed with the utmost consideration for accessibility. It is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, and an outlet for an induction cooktop, which allows for effortless preparation of your preferred dishes no matter where you are.

With three different models to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect layout to accommodate your needs.

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