17 Rad Ford Transit Campervan Conversions for Inspiration [Class B and Custom]

Ford Transit camper vans offer tons of space, comfy seating, and great fuel economy. Plus, they handle really well and are more affordable than Mercedes Sprinters.

Ford Transit campervan with side door open

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Although Ford Transit camper vans don’t carry the same Instagram-worthy cache of  Mercedes Sprinter conversions, they have been growing in popularity among the vanlife community in recent years. 

Ford Transit camper vans offer tons of space, comfy seating, and great fuel economy. Plus, they handle really well and are more affordable than Mercedes Sprinters.

Whether you’re looking for your first camper van, or you’re a seasoned van-dweller who’s thinking of upgrading, this article has everything you need to know about the Ford Transit camper van conversion.

While some people might opt to do a DIY Ford Transit camper, there are a couple you can buy at dealerships, and several you can order as custom van conversions.

5 Ford Transit Class B Campervans You Can Buy Right Now

If you don’t have a lot of custom needs for your Ford Transit camper van conversion, there are many wonderful “out of the box” Ford camper van conversions that are ready to hit the road immediately. The perk of purchasing a Class B Ford Transit van conversion is that it’s typically already titled as an RV, and will be easier to finance than a custom van conversion.

Here are some great companies to consider when looking for a class B Ford Transit camper van.

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Storyteller Overland LT Ford Transit Campervan

Storyteller Overland's Ford Transit campervan
Photo Courtesy: Storyteller Overland

New for 2022, Storyteller Overland has released a Ford Transit camper alongside its iconic Mercedes Sprinter van lineup.

The Storyteller Overland Ford Transit is built on the AWD chassis and features the same layout as other MODE vans. You’ll have the reclinable Groove Lounge, kitchen unit, Murphy bed system, and HALO shower. The van also has a portable toilet tucked away in its cabinetry.

The van has a robust Volta energy storage system with a touchscreen display, a 3200-watt inverter, high output auxiliary alternator, and 90 watts of solar.

The Storyteller Overland is off-grid ready, with a 21-gallon water tank and hot water for doing dishes or taking showers.

Coachmen Beyond

Coachman Ford Transit Camper for sale
Photo: Coachman

Although it’s common for Class C motorhomes to be built on a Ford Transit chassis, Coachmen is the only major RV manufacturer to offer a Class B Ford Transit camper.

The Coachmen Beyond is available in 3 different floorplans, all built on a Ford Transit 350 HD, featuring a 3.5L EcoBoost engine, 10-speed transmission, and remote start.

Each of the well-designed campervan layouts maximizes the living space and offers plenty of intelligent storage solutions, as well as a van kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and 2-burner stove.

The 22C layout features a rear lounge area, and the power sofa converts to a comfortable bed at the push of a button. This Ford Transit camper also has a convenient master control panel that allows you to monitor lights, temperature, and other settings via the touchscreen or your phone.

Features like the fully-enclosed bathroom, 24” HDTV, and Truma Combi comfort and hot water system make this Ford Transit camper van feel luxurious, and the option of a sophisticated solar/battery management system means you could live off-grid in maximum comfort in the Coachmen Beyond. 

Learn more about the Coachman Beyond here.

Chinook RV

Ford Transit Chinook RV parked in the mountain area
Photo: Chinook RV

Known as The Sports Car of Motorhomes, Chinook RV combines state-of-the-art amenities with functionality to carry you luxuriously through all your adventures. Their Bayside Class B RV is built around a Ford Transit and even has an all-wheel drive option.

Their design has an airy walk-through design, so you can open the back doors and move freely throughout the campervan. The luxury bench seating turns into a spacious bed for resting up between destinations.

The RV comes with a 30-gallon fresh water capacity, a large, 6.2 cubic foot refrigerator, 400 amp hours of AGM batteries with a 2,000-watt inverter, and 200 watts of solar. You’ll also have the luxuries of an air conditioner, shower, and toilet!

Chinook’s Bayside RV is off-grid capable but also has shore power in case you need a quick recharge or opt to stay in a campground with hookups.

Learn more about Chinook RV’s Bayside Class B camper here.

Pleasure-Way OnTour Ford Transit Camper

Pleasure Way's OnTour Ford Transit Camper
Photo: Pleasure Way

Pleasure-Way’s Ford Transit camper is built on the Ford 2500 chassis and offers 78″ of headroom, a large rear bed, and a van bathroom.

The roomy wet bath is perfect for long road trips for people who do not want to seek out rest stops. You’ll find a handheld shower head, mirror, rack, and ceramic toilet with foot flush.

The fully-equipped kitchen features an induction cooktop, refrigerator, microwave, and large stainless steel sink.

Looking to relax after a long day of outdoor adventures? Entertainment systems include a TV with a swing mount, Bose speakers, a Bluray player, and HDTV antennae.

This luxury Ford Transit camper is definitely one to check out – available at dealerships across the U.S.

Learn more about the Pleasure-Way OnTour.

Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach interior | Ford Transit Class B Camper Van "Sanctuary"
Photo: Thor Motor Coach | Ford Transit Class B Camper Van “Sanctuary”

Thor Motor Coach’s “Sanctuary” is a class B Ford Transit camper van available at various dealerships across the country.

Build for true luxury along with functionality, it has all the amenities you’d need in a camper van, including windows throughout, an awning outside, and even bug screens on the rear doors and sliding door openings.

This camper van is set up just like a larger motor home, with a generous water tank, grey water holding tank for your shower, and a black tank for the toilet.

Equipt with a Re(Li)able® Power Pack Electrical System, you’ll have 400 amp hours of power storage, a 3000-watt inverter for your blender and waffle maker, and a solar power system paired with a high output alternator to keep everything charged.

They offer two different layouts for the same price. One layout has a fixed bed with more storage space in the garage, and the other has a dining table that converts to your bed.

Learn more about the Thor Motor Coach Sanctuary here.

7 Ford Transit Custom Campervan Conversion Companies

If you’re looking for options for custom Ford Transit van conversions, these are some of our favorite van builders who offer custom options to satisfy nearly any type of build you can imagine.

Sportsmobile Ford Transit 4×4 Camper

Sportsmobile Ford Transit camper conversion
Photo: Sportsmobile

The folks at Sportsmobile have been in the business of converting vans since 1961, so they really know what they’re doing. Sportsmobile offers a wide range of tried-and-tested features for their conversions, and if you’re looking for an awesome Ford Transit camper, they’ve got you covered.

Sportsmobile offers dozens of configurations for a Ford Transit camper conversion, with a variety of options for seats, beds, windows, and kitchen layouts.

You can also choose from various plumbing, heating, and electrical systems that will make your Ford Transit camper the ideal vanlife rig.

One of Sportsmobile’s most popular options is its penthouse pop-top. This supremely-designed pop-top provides a ton of extra space inside the camper and can be configured to house an extra bed, making it a great option for van-dwelling families.

If you want to design your own Ford Transit camper conversion, Sportsmobile will work with you. They’ve done it all, so your dream layout shouldn’t raise any eyebrows, and getting started is easy with their online design tool. 

Learn more about Sportsmobile.

Vandoit Ford Transit Camper Conversions

VanDoIt 4x4 Ford Transit camper van parked in the snow
Photo: VanDoIt

Based in Blue Springs, MO, Vandoit specializes in converting Ford Transit RVs for active folks who need to be able to take lots of gear along for the ride.

Vandoit offers two packages for its Ford Transit camper, LIV and DO, and prices range from $48,000 to $108,000 for one of these awesome Ford Transit campers.

The conversion design is based around a modular T-Track skeleton that lines the van’s interior, leaving the interior’s customization up to you.

The super-nifty kitchen pod in this Ford Transit campervan attaches to the T-Track and can be moved around, depending on where you need it. The LIV package includes a hydraulic bed that can be lifted to provide storage underneath or create room for another bed. 

The DO package, meanwhile, features an innovative open design, with modular Murphy beds that fold up to create gear space and lots of attachment points for hooks, shelves, and tie-downs. This package has been designed for those who might need to bring bikes or kayaks on their adventures.

Vandoit offers an abundance of options, including pop-up van showers4×4 van conversions, and solar arrays, and with every van sold, they donate a bicycle to someone in need.

These are truly amazing Ford Transit campers that come from a principled company.

Learn more about VanDoIt.

Modvans Ford Transit Camper

Interior of a Modvans Ford Transit RV conversion
Photo: Modvans

The folks behind the Ventura, CA-based company, Modvans really love Ford Transits, and they’ve spent years perfecting the design of their Ford Transit camper conversion.

The CV1 is Modvans’ primary offering built on a Ford Transit 150 chassis low-roof van. This conversion features a pop-top and has sleeping options both “upstairs” and “downstairs.”

Modvans’ Ford Transit camper conversion features a clean, modern design marketed toward families and provides a simple and elegant vanlife solution.

Similar to Vandoit conversions, the Modvans CV1 is based on a modular design that allows all cabinets, seats, and accessories to be removed. 

This awesome Ford Transit camper has everything you’ll need, including a stove, fridge, toilet, and LED lighting. Modvans offers an assortment of extras, too, allowing you to customize your van in any number of ways.

We almost put this in our custom van conversion company list because of all the extras Modvans offers!

Learn more about ModVans.

Colorado Camper Van

Since starting in a small garage in 2009, this company has exploded in popularity and now occupies a huge warehouse in Loveland, CO. It’s here that Colorado Camper Van creates some of the coolest Ford Transit camper conversions you’ll ever see.

Starting at $13,290, “Base Camp” is the company’s most affordable campervan conversion. This option provides insulation, flooring, walls and ceiling, LED lighting, and wiring, and is great for those who want plenty of storage for their gear in a space that can be added to in the future.

For a more livable Ford Transit camper conversion, the “Adventuremobile” interior takes things further, providing a kitchen area, slider windows, and a bench seat that converts to a bed. The “Dine and Dash” option is similar but has a 4-seater dining area at the rear, which converts to a comfy bed. Both options feature dimmable LED lighting, water tanks, and plenty of storage space.

Starting at $25,625, Colorado Camper Vans’ most expensive conversion is called “The Road West”. This interior is reminiscent of a classic VW camper design, with a rear bench seat that converts to a bed and tons of storage space.

With the addition of the 4-season insulated pop-top option, this awesome Ford Transit camper van conversion will sleep 4 people comfortably.

Learn more about Colorado campervan.


Tourig Ford Transit Campervan with pop top parked in the mountain area
Photo: Tourig

In business since 2015, TouRig is one of the newer kids on the block, but this Golden, CO-based company that started in a garage has quickly become one of the most highly-rated camper van conversion companies.

Tourig can do almost anything to design a Ford Transit camper that’ll be the van of your dreams. They offer sleeping options for up to 6 people,custom-tailored campervan mattresses, customized seating arrangements, and thoughtful storage solutions, including their exclusive ‘Airliner Storage Cabinets’.

When it comes to exterior options, there are so many that it’ll be hard to choose. You can opt for thermal window tinting, laddersroof racksawnings, and more, and it seems that no matter how you’re going to use your Ford Transit camper van, Tourig has you covered.

Tourig has a really cool online store where you can purchase all kinds of van life accessories and goodies. They also offer pre-built vans, but these sell like hotcakes, and it’s best to sign up for their mailing list if you want to get in on the action.

Learn more about TouRig vans here.

Converted Van Co

The best of both worlds, Converted Van Co. is based in Orem, Utah, and provides custom campervan conventions, as well as modular builds that are still slightly customizable. They also provide installation services for the DIYer just needing a little help.

Newer to the professional van building world, they formed their business in 2019 but have quickly proven themselves in the industry. They build our Ford Transits, Sprinters, and Promasters, and have a great portfolio of each type of build.

One of the unique things about Converted Van Co. is that they have a custom-built van conversion estimator for their modular build options. You simply select your vehicle make and model and walk yourself through their various layouts and add-ons to get an idea of what your build will cost.

Some other modular van builders in the market tend to have lower-quality materials, making your converted van feel a bit like an Ikea showroom. Converted Van Co. prides themselves in using high-quality materials and adds in extra TLC during the build to ensure your van conversion will last for many years to come.

Learn more about Converted Van Co. here.

Freedom Van Go

Freedom Van Go Ford Transit conversion showing its interior
Photo: Freedom Van Go

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Freedom Van Go was formed in 2019, but the owners have been in the van conversion business for many years combined. Their backstory is great, stemming from a love for overlanding, a family member’s health condition, and the desire to get out and adventure despite their health limitations.

Freedom Van Go also converts all types of vans and is well-known for their DIY support by taking on the little projects you might not be comfortable with yourself.

Something that set apart Freedom Van Go from the rest is their new van parts warehouse, with an in-person showroom and the ability to order online. The best part? Every single item in their warehouse has been used and tested by someone on their team. They don’t work with products they don’t believe in or aren’t familiar with.

Learn all about Freedom Van Go here.

5 Rad DIY Ford Transit Campers You Should See

Need a little inspiration to see what someone can do with zero experience and their own two hands? Check out these DIY Ford Transit camper conversions!

But before we get started, we’re going to talk briefly about the new Ford Transit Trail.

New 2023 Ford Transit Trail

Interestingly enough, the folks at Ford have apparently been paying attention to the increase in popularity of van life. Consequently, Ford has released a new take on its most popular van. 

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail is a beefy upgrade, featuring a 3.5″ lift over the standard model. The Transit Trail certainly looks the part. It comes with all kinds of exterior features, including a skid plate, mud guards on all wheels, and Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse all-terrain tires. Plus, AWD capabilities come as standard. 

Clearly marketed toward those looking for a van to convert, Ford has added drillable areas for easy installation of shelves, cabinets, and bed platforms inside. Privacy glass comes as standard and you even have the option to have a rooftop vent fan factory installed. 

What’s more, you can opt for the Upfitter package, which brings additional power points, dual AGM batteries, and an auxiliary fuse panel to the table. You have to hand it to Ford for trying to cash in on a trend!

Melody’s cozy adventure home

Melody is a full-time adventurer traveling the world. She’s a freelance writer, funding her travels while in her self-converted van, Billie.

In addition to being a traveler and digital nomad, she is a pilot and avid outdoor enthusiast. You’ll find Melody stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, camping, and everything in between.

Melody’s can conversion is complete with a standing desk to work at, a composting toilet, a fixed bed, an inset propane cooktop, and a cozy nook that doubles as a second bed for when she has guests!

You can follow along with Melody’s travels via her Instagram.

A Van and a Cast Iron Pan, a beautiful cabin-esque second home on wheels

ford transit campervan showing its interior
Photo Credit: @avanandacastironpan

Take a look at this amazing piece of van art! This couple just finished DIY building their van, Quasimodo, and are ready to hit the road! They moved from Florida to Michigan and now have their adventure home on wheels to explore with.

Not even mentioning the incredible woodwork in this van, there are so many great amenities. Their DIY build boasts a three-burner propane stove with an oven, a huge farm-style sink, windows throughout, and a cool rooftop deck.

See where this van takes them here!

Isabelle and Antoine quit corporate life to travel full-time

ford transit camper interior
Photo: @FarOutRide

Circling back to Far Out Ride, we couldn’t help but feature them here as well.

Cutting ties with the sticks and bricks life in 2017, Isabelle and Antoine have been traveling in their self-converted van almost full-time ever since. Coming from the corporate world with a strong engineering background, they decided to quit the corporate grind and put their skills to a different use.

Isabelle and Antione documented every single aspect of their Ford Transit camper conversion on their website, Far Out Ride, with hopes to help others achieve their van life dreams as well. Their website has everything from step-by-step instructions on how to build out an electrical system, to a maintenance log, to a full breakdown of the cost and labor that has been put into their van.

Far Out Ride's Van Build Diagrams & Guides

If you need help planning out the interior of your DIY campervan, you'll want to take a look at Far Out Ride's van build guides. The Builder's Package includes wiring, water, propane and floor plan diagrams & tutorials. You can also buy just what you need, with the wiring diagram and tutorial, water diagram and tutorial, propane diagram and floor plan and layout.

Ben and Malory’s light, airy, and functional camper van

This Ford Transit 350 was converted into an off-grid, cozy, beautiful camper van. Ben and Malory sold everything in 2020 and did a DIY build of their dream home. Now they are traveling full-time and documenting their travels and all-things-van life on their YouTube channel.

Their van has a composting toilet, multiple ceiling fans, swivel seats, a two-burner propane stove, and a convertible couch-to-bed system. It has a lovely, airy feel with lots of counter space.

Georgia and Joe in Tracy the Transit

Traveling part-time in “Tracy the Transit” through Spain, France, and Whales, Georgia and Joe made their self-converted van the perfect home-away-from-home. They can carry all their gear, including bicycles, in the garage under the bed, and they have tons of cabinet storage throughout the van.

Special amenities include a sunroof for extra light, additional lighting throughout the van, a two-burner propane stove, a portable toilet, a workspace with a pull-out table, and a large comfortable fixed bed.

Conclusion on Ford Transit campervans

If you are looking for a van to live in full-time with more than one person and are in need of a large space, a Ford Transit campervan conversion can be a great option for you. You will find the price less upfront and less throughout the miles you put on it for your van adventures.

These vans are easy to drive and reliable, which is a must for long road trips.

The Ford Transit 2019 and older vans will not be the best option if your adventures will often require 4-wheel drive. It may also not be the best if you are in need of a van that needs to do heavy towing.

But remember, the newer 2020 Ford Transits will come with an AWD option.

Overall, a Ford Transit is a great option for those looking for a spacious, reliable, cost-effective van!

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