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My friend and fellow blogger/teacher extraordinaire Caitlin Pyle has an amazing new program for people who want to ditch the 9-5 and really do the work it takes to start a career from home, whether that’s from a brick-and-mortar house, or a sailboat, or a van, or an RV. We all need a way to make money to support our lifestyle of freedom and adventure, and Caitlin’s school may be just the golden ticket.

Work-At-Home School seems like such an amazing program. I asked Caitlin a few questions about it, and how its different from her flagship course, Proofread Anywhere.

1) What is Work-At-Home school?

Work-At-Home School brings together proven work-at-home experts from across the world into one easily accessible place. And these experts aren’t just here to do interviews with me (although those interviews are GOLD, let me tell you!). They are also instructors in the School. Their top-notch courses inside the School allow you to learn and grow your skills… and then get out there and start making money.

The Work-At-Home School is similar to my proofreading courses in that the School gives you all the tools you need to succeed, along with the support to make it happen. And just like my courses, the Work-At-Home School requires you to do the work. It isn’t a free pass for you to sit back and do nothing. You’ve got to make it happen for yourself!

How is it different? There’s SO much more to it than proofreading! And it’s not just me teaching — it’s over forty other experts working together to help you make your work-at-home goals happen. Want to learn how to flip flea market finds to make a profit? How to sell books on Amazon for a full-time income? How to write and successfully self-publish your book? The Work-At-Home School helps you do just that. Need encouragement to stay motivated? How to manage your time and set goals? How to balance family life with work life? Yep, you guessed it — Work-At-Home School has your back with those… and more!

2) What types of things can people learn at Work-At-Home school?

To sum it up: everything you need in one place to learn how to succeed working at home, whether you want to fully quit your 9-to-5 or add on a side hustle. The Work-At-Home School is here to step you through how to turn skills x action into SUCCESS.

It’s broken up into three phrases: Plan, Build, and Thrive. You’ll learn how to build your confidence, overcome money blocks, how to set manageable goals and organize your time, even create a business plan.

Once that foundation is built, you move on to learn the skills needed to succeed — and there are a LOT of super skilled instructors in the Work-At-Home School! Learn how to be a virtual assistant, sell on Etsy, write for cash, be a transcriptionist, start your own blog… the list goes on! Find your niche, and dive in to learn and hone the skills you’re excited to cultivate.

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And once you’ve got the skills under your belt, you’re ready to start thriving! Learn from experts on how to market your skills, drive traffic to your business through Facebook and Pinterest, and network with others in your niche. There’s more to running a business than just marketing though. So the Work-At-Home School also has experts speaking on those not-so-fun (but still really essential!) topics like healthcare coverage and taxes. Work-At-Home School even includes instructors who help you stay fit while working at home, nutritional advice for keeping your energy up, and even how to manage this new work/life balance.

3) Why is this type of online school important?

Work at Home School

Over the years, I’ve had SO many people ask me how I’ve gotten to work at home, how I’ve made it happen. People want the freedom that comes with working for themselves, where they want, when they want… doing what they want. It’s just hard, even downright scary, to know how to get started when you don’t have any idea where to start or even a support group to turn to when it gets tough.

My proofreading courses have helped a lot of people realize their goals. Along the way, my students have expanded their skills and done incredibly well getting their freelance lives started. But not everyone wants to proofread! And that’s totally okay. Some people have skills waiting to be built in other areas, and they need to have that opportunity. So that was my reason for starting Work-At-Home School. I wanted a one-stop place where people could go to get not just the foundation to build their work-at-home world on, but the support and motivation to make that a reality.

4) What do you hope people get out of the school?

I want people see that the goals they have to work at home, make money to support their family, and pursue their dreams are totally possible — not just a pie-in-the-sky idea. What I’m not promising is it’s all going to be easy and you won’t have to work hard. YOU have to put in the work to make it happen. But the Work-At-Home School has some of the BEST instructors from across the internet here in one place to not just encourage you with their work-at-home journeys, but help you succeed, too.

5) Why are you passionate about helping others?

I was once trapped inside the 9-to-5 grind. Stuck in a job I hated. Stressed out and unappreciated. And definitely not making enough money to make up for that stress. Ever since I took the leap and got my work-at-home dream started, I haven’t looked back. I wouldn’t trade the freedom to do what I WANT, anywhere I want, for anything. And I want to show other people that they don’t have to feel stuck or stressed out either. They have HOPE. They have a way OUT. And that’s exactly what the Work-At-Home School is meant to do: give hope, motivation, and the tools to succeed. All that’s left is up to YOU to put in the work and make your dream happen, too.

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