Our Ultimate Minivan Camper Guide: Your One-Stop Shop for Kits and Inspiration

Check out all of our articles on minivan campers, including simple conversion kits, DIY examples and custom builds. Turn your minivan into a camper!

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Minivan campers are exploding in popularity due to their affordability, drivability, and ease of conversion. There are tons of minivan camper conversion kits on the market as well as inspiring DIY builds.

Some companies are even providing custom built minivan campers for tiny van enthusiasts.

Our first van was a minivan camper – a Chevy Astro – and it still holds a dear place in our hearts. We lived out of that no-build camper for three years before buying our Sprinter van.

Here are our top posts about minivan campers so you can convert your small rig into a roaming home.

Minivan Campers

You can easily turn a minivan into a camper with these DIY conversion kits and simple ideas.

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