9 Amazing tiny houses for sale in Texas

You know the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas?” It turns out when it comes to the size and breadth of the tiny house movement across…

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You know the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas?” It turns out when it comes to the size and breadth of the tiny house movement across the state, it’s true. There are lots of great tiny houses for sale in Texas!

If you’re thinking of embracing the simple life in the Lone Star state, this is excellent news. And as a native Texan and THOW lover, this absolutely tickles me pink.

Not only is there a wide array of tiny homes for sale in Texas, but there are also more places to park them than ever before. 

Because, as you likely have heard, that’s one of the most challenging obstacles to tiny house living. With increased parking options available, what’s stopping you from pursuing your downsized dream home?

In this post, I’ll share the latest Texas tiny homes on the market to help you find your just-right fit, or get ideas for a custom build of your own.

Enjoy exploring this list of incredible tiny houses for sale in Texas.

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Tiny houses for sale in Texas


The Freedom tiny house for sale in Texas sits on green grass with a clear blue sky above.
Photo from Molly McNown

Cost: $65,000
Size: 304 square feet
Location: Decatur, TX

Hello beautiful! If you’re looking for a stylish, incredibly livable small space, then you definitely want to consider this 28′ Texas tiny home.

Tiny homeowner, Molly McNown, worked with Alabama Tiny Homes to design her dream home. Since her family circumstances changed, she’s looking for new owners who will appreciate her “Freedom,” as much as she did. 

“My tiny house model is called Freedom. It gave me freedom because it taught me that people and experiences come before stuff. Abundance is more than money and things.

My new intention is for the perfect person or couple to make this their home. I want to pass the magic of this house on.”

Freedom is move-in ready. Further, it’s already parked in a tiny home community: Tiny Lots on the Prairie!  

The Freedom tiny house is intended to be a fully on-grid tiny house. It comes with many top quality electric appliances, including a stackable washer/dryer, dishwasher drawer, mini-split, and a refrigerator with ice maker. 

What makes it feel genuinely luxurious is spacious living spaces. For example, the loft feels open with a big skylight and fits a king-size mattress.

Another important aspect of this tiny home is the generous storage space. It helps the layout feel open when all your things have a place to live, like in the generously sized closet (4 ft. X 3 ft.).

Learn more about the Freedom tiny house features and contact the seller here. 

The Bluejay

The Bluejay tiny house with woods in the background is one of the tiny houses for sale in Texas.
Photo from Tiny House Marketplace

Cost: $65,000
Size: 160 square feet
Location: Houston, TX

Don’t feel blue, here’s a beautiful, lush tiny house that could be just right for you! Step 2 Builders created The Bluejay. Tiny home dwellers lead the company, and it really shows in this design by how smartly functional it is.

No space is wasted, from well-placed corner shelving to rolling stairs that conveniently stow-away when not in use.

The Bluejay tiny house oozes high-quality inside and out. It’s built with highly-rated Volstruckt steel framing. 

Impressively, unlike most THOWs, it features a built-in ERV.

An energy-recovery-ventilation system exchanges air to keep the inside space fresh, while working to exhale moisture. This is especially valuable because many tiny homes struggle with moisture management, which can lead to mold.

To learn more about the exciting features and for inquiries, see the tiny house listing here.

Infinity Tiny House

The grey and white Infinity tiny house for sale in Texas sits on a lawn next to other THOWs.
Photo from Tiny House Marketplace

Cost: $39,500 OBO
Size: 360 square feet (including loft)
Location: Goliad, TX

Do you want a more off-grid tiny home? The 28′ long Infinity Tiny House runs on solar and wind power.

It also features onboard holding tanks for your water storage needs. Enjoy warming-up by the wood stove in this rustic, fanciful tiny house on wheels. It reminds me a bit of steampunk style.

For more details, check out the for sale listing here.

Loving the price? Check out more in this price range with our list of affordable tiny homes for sale.

Gypsy Wagon Tiny Home

The Gypsy Wagon tiny home has wood paneling on the bottom, green siding on top.
Photo from Tiny House Listings

Cost: $40,000
Size: 180 square feet (including loft)
Location: Austin, TX

Is wanderlust calling? Hit the road with this eccentric vardo-style tiny home!

As a light-weight 20 foot long THOW, it’s ideal for easy towing. Also, because it’s self-contained, as well as RV-registered, you can utilize great parking resources around the country, like Harvest Hosts.

I am in love with the beautiful details throughout the tiny house, including curvy windows and whimsical trim framing the bed. Perhaps the most epic feature: 400-year-old doors with colorful stained glass!

For more details, see the tiny house for sale listing here.

La Casita

Exterior side view of La Casita tiny home for sale in Texas.
Photo from Tiny House Listings

Cost: $58,000 
Size: 200 square feet 
Location: Austin, TX

There’s something about Las Casita tiny house that feels like a miniature castle. Maybe it’s the rich dark wood, the fortress-feeling privacy walls around the loft, or perhaps, it’s the throne-like built-in storage around the composting toilet. 

Most importantly, you can become the king or queen of your own tiny home with a $5,000 down payment.

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll appreciate this storage-packed kitchen with beautiful granite counter tops and the large refrigerator with a bottom freezer. Another top feature is the full-size bathtub—a real luxury in tiny house design!

Learn more about Las Casita tiny house for sale here.

Modern Farmhouse

Exterior view of the expansive white and grey paneled Modern Farmhouse, with full size wooden deck.
Photo from Tiny House Listings

Cost: $75,000
Size: 272 square feet
Location: Magnolia, TX

The Modern Farmhouse tiny home is not just charming, but importantly, it’s code-compliant.

Because it meets the IRC Appendix Q standards, it has the potential to be parked in more places. For instance, it could be parked at the new Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village near Dallas, Texas. 

This 34′ tiny house lives large with two porches, two closets, and two sleeping lofts. The kids’ loft is divided for privacy, with room for two twin beds, making this ideal for families. 

Gather the family together for movie night on the full-size couch in the spacious living area.

Interested in the Modern Farmhouse tiny home? More details are available here.

Tiny Cottage

Interior view of the Tiny Cottage shows cozy living room furniture, light wooden floors and floor to ceiling curtains.
Photo from Tiny House Listings

Cost: $55,000
Size: 175 square feet
Location: Garland, TX

Fall in love with the delightful, homey Tiny Cottage. Though only 22′ long, this bungalow-style tiny house doesn’t skimp on function or stylish flair. 

For example, there are two sleeping areas. The sofa folds-down, and the loft fits a queen bed. Additionally, the tiny home is packed full of convenient appliances, like an apartment range and a washer/dryer combo.

The best part? The Tiny Cottage is move-in ready and comes fully furnished, including the decor! 

See more pictures and contact the seller in the listing here.

Rustic Tiny House

The Rustic Tiny house with metal siding and raised awning, parked near the woods.

Cost: $55,000
Size: 170 square feet
Location: Marble Falls, TX

Doesn’t this Rustic Tiny House look ideal as a Texas countryside getaway? Whether you’re interested in rural glamping or nomadic living, this is a solid option for tiny houses on wheels for sale in Texas. 

The metal awning offers a covered area next to home for lounging, and an outdoor shower provides a refreshing way to clean up after your adventures. But don’t worry; there’s also an indoor shower. 

I particularly love the warm feel of the 75-year-old red oak floors. Another eye-catching element is the eclectic, colorful pallet ceiling. 

The seller is offering a package deal: fully-furnished tiny house and a 2015 Lariat F-250. Contact him for details here.

Modern Tiny House

Interior of the Modern Tiny House, the last on the list of tiny homes for sale in Texas, shows modern white and grey decor with couch, loft and dining bar.
Photo from Tiny House Listings

Cost: $59,900
Size: 192 square feet
Location: Conroe, TX

Rooted Tiny Homes is selling their expertly crafted tiny house demo model—brand-new, never lived-in! This efficiently designed, modern 24′ tiny house is well-suited for a couple. 

While sleek and airy, there’s ample storage across the tiny house. This includes hanging closet space, as well as extensive cabinetry in stairs, kitchen, and bathroom. What’s more, storage is hidden inside the custom sofa. It also turns into a bed for guests or cuddly evenings together.

If you work from home, you’ll appreciate the fold-down desk space with shelving tucked away underneath and a bookshelf directly to the side.

Though this THOW doesn’t come with a solar power system, it is pre-wired for solar panels. Additionally, the windows, lighting, and appliances were carefully selected for energy efficiency, except for the combo washer/dryer. Beware that’s not an off-grid friendly appliance.

Flexibility is highly valued in tiny homes. So I appreciate that you can choose between a composting toilet or a regular flush toilet. The ability to install a traditional toilet is a typical requirement for tiny house-friendly zoning in residential areas. 

Intrigued? Learn more about this modern tiny house for sale here.

Looking for more tiny houses for sale in Texas?

Recently, the first Texas tiny house dealership opened in Fort Worth.

Unless you attend a tiny house festival, there’s not often an opportunity to tour multiple kinds of tiny homes.

The dealership acts as a showroom for customers to tour tiny homes for sale in Texas from a variety of builders, including Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and locally crafted Texas tiny homes, like Indigo River Tiny Homes

Contact Pathfinder Tiny Homes to schedule a tour. 


Did you find your dream tiny home on this list of tiny houses on wheels for sale in Texas? Do you plan to visit the tiny house dealership? Let us know in the comments.

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