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Rents in Portland, Oregon are getting crazy, going up almost 8% per year. One reason is because Portland is so popular, with people moving there in droves from over-priced places like San Francisco. Some people are living in a Sprinter van to save money on rent.

That’s exactly what Wes Watts and Savana Roselli are doing. They bought a 2006 Dodge Sprinter Van, which they rebuilt into a cozy home with their hedgehog along for the ride.

“We’re working and going to school,” Wes told me about living in a Sprinter van. “So we’re living the same day-to-day life but it’s a little more exciting and fun. It’s also more convenient. This morning I had to work at 8 a.m., so we just went and parked in that neighborhood. I woke up at 7:30 and didn’t have to sit in traffic for two hours. Being able to have our house wherever we need to be is convenient and helps us save money. We don’t eat out, we just go back to the van and make lunch.”

The two park the van on Portland city streets without a problem, and have also parked it where Wes is attending college at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Wilsonville.

“The security guard would walk by and we’d be cooking bacon in the van and he never said anything,” Wes said. “In the winter we’d plug into an outlet at the school, and nobody said anything. The thing living in a Sprinter van is that it’s not a big RV, so when it goes to pulling into a neighborhood, it’s pretty incognito. It’s definitely not legal on paper but we try not to stay in one spot more than once.”

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The couple loves  living in a Sprinter van together, and plans on living in the van for a number of years, at least until they can afford a property where they can build a tiny home, or a sailboat, to travel around the world.

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“We’re so anti rat-race. We don’t want to be in that; it’s just crazy,” Wes said. “We want free time, we want to go play, we don’t want to get a 30-year home loan and have to work our entire lives to pay it off. So, the whole tiny life is our way of doing what we want with our money.”

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You can follow their adventures about living in a Sprinter van on their Instagram feed, @vantastic.living. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave