12 Stunning Sprinter Campervan Interiors to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Ever find yourself daydreaming about a stunning Sprinter van conversion decked out with everything you need for the perfect van life adventure? Sprinter camper vans…

Ever find yourself daydreaming about a stunning Sprinter van conversion decked out with everything you need for the perfect van life adventure? Sprinter camper vans are good-looking, hardy, roomy, and fuel-efficient (especially if you get a diesel engine) – making them an ideal choice for exploring the great outdoors. Plus, they hold their value better than other panel vans.

Let’s check out some incredible Sprinter van conversion ideas for your camping adventures.

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1. Stunning Sprinter Van Bathroom

Photo Credit: Advanced RV

Sprinter van life gets a sleek upgrade when you move the hygiene haven to the corner. This opens space for a luxurious shower and a more user-friendly entrance/exit. Advanced RV’s cylindrical design keeps things chic and eliminates awkward angles, maximizing every inch and feeling adventurous.

Go rear-mounted! Easy outdoor water access for pets and post-adventure cleanup becomes a breeze, plus the van’s aesthetics get a fresh perspective. Ditch the bathroom blues and embrace a spacious, stylish van life – reimagine your Sprinter’s layout and unlock the oasis within!

2. Spruce up the Ceiling

Photo Credit: Tommycampervans

Ceilings and floors are excellent places to customize your rig. Add an interesting ceiling or floor design to your DIY Sprinter van conversion to reflect your personality and stand out in the crowd. (mosaic tiles, color choices, etc.). We love this cool patterned ceiling in this Sprinter!

3. Add Some Skylights

Photo Credit: Off Highway Vans

Skylights for campervans are becoming increasingly common in Sprinter van conversions and for good reason. They allow natural light into the van, making it feel more spacious; they provide the opportunity to sleep under the stars comfortably in a bed and act as roof access.

If you need to clean those solar panels or want to hang on the roof deck, just climb through the skylight!

You can find a variety of skylights for sale for your Sprinter van conversion. We like this one by Arctic Tern.

4. Get Creative with Cabinetry

Photo Credit: Live More Campervans

With a van’s limited square footage, you might want to divide the areas visually to delineate them clearly. A see-through rattan wall in this build allows for the division of space, but still lets light through, making the area still feel open.

5. Add Some Bunk Beds

Photo Credit: Outside Vans

For families traveling or living with multiple people in their Sprinter camper van (or planning to have regular visitors), bunk beds will likely be a part of your build. Depending on your needs, there are various ways to integrate bunk beds in your Sprinter van.

You may think bunk beds are just for kids, but larger ones can also provide space for several adults to sleep comfortably in your Sprinter van camper. These beds are on a track so that they can be moved to different heights based on your needs.

6. Divide Your Space

Photo Credit: Brown Bird and Company

Big bulky walls can make your Sprinter van conversion feel cramped or claustrophobic, but when used to accent design elements, they can transform the look and feel of your van.

This build has a gorgeous focal wall that separates the bathroom from the living space and almost makes you forget you’re in a van!

7. Add a Convertible Bed System

Photo Credit: Sync Vans

Convertible couch beds in these Sprinter van conversions from Sync Vans add that touch of familiarity to make your van feel just like home.

8. Add a Pop-Top

Photo Credit: Outside Van

The Mercedes Sprinter with the high roof is the most comfortable height for standing inside the van, but adding a pop top can make it more spacious. These pop tops provide more space that is accessible from inside the truck.

Roof pop-up tents are often found on low-roof or standard roof-height Sprinter vans to add a sleeping area, but they can also be installed on high-roof builds.

9. Add a Pet Bed

Photo Credit: Van Life Customs

Dogs deserve their own dedicated spot in your van, and creating one under the bed is a great way to give them room and free up more space throughout the van for human needs. This custom Sprinter van conversion includes a locking pet door to keep the dogs secure or confined if necessary, which is great for a puppy who needs some extra boundaries!

10. Get Creative with Your Office

Photo Credit: @bemyvan_outdoors

One of the most significant changes in Sprinter van conversions over the past few years has been the addition of dedicated office space. While camper vans were once used for weekend getaways or road trips, they have now become full-time homes and workspaces.

In this office setup, counter space doubles as a desk, and swiveled seats create multiple comfortable work areas.

11. A Kitchen in Back of the Van

Photo Credit: @Brett_mccarthy

Designing your space with a rear kitchen allows you to customize your lounge area, create a unique sleeping system, and add even more storage.

In addition to the daily use of an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen can be perfect for a picnic on a nice day.

12. You Don’t Have to Give up the Closet in Your Van

Keeping your camper van free of clutter is critical to staying comfortable and content on the road.

Storage is one area where you can get super creative with your sprinter van conversion. There are lots of nooks and crannies in a Sprinter van that allow for much more storage than meets the eye.

Hanging clothing storage is a premium feature for many van lifers.

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